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Celebrating a skatepark Diwali, the festival of lights 2021

Diwali celebration at the skatepark with diyas, guests and golgappas.

Ever since the skatepark was constructed, Diwali has brought great joy to everyone at the park and those living around. Our local kids make sure to visit the skatepark on this day and celebrate in their own simple yet special ways.

However, this year was made a bit more special with the presence of Mumbai-resident Jayshree and her husband, Nikhil, who along with their daughters Piya and Shanaya decided to fly down from Mumbai and celebrate the festival at the skatepark with the kids.

Jayshree and her kids had watched Skater Girl, which was released earlier this year. They were so moved that they decided to visit the skatepark and meet the kids featured in the film.

After she arrived, she decided to stay back longer with her kids to help and motivate our kids in her own way and in exchange our local champions decided to teach her daughters everything they know about skateboarding.

The celebration of Diwali isn't really complete if there were no sweets, so Jayshree and her kids distributed chocolates to all of them bringing in huge smiles on their faces.

A small skate-trick competition was held among the kids the same evening and it ended with the distribution of new shoes for all of them. Jayshree and her family were absolutely invested in cheering the kids when they practiced their skateboarding tricks and also taught them ways to be disciplined which made the whole session very productive.

Jayshree along with her family joined the kids in decorating the skatepark by lighting diyas all around the space, making it look absolutely heavenly to watch.To take this day up a notch, Nikhil brought some fire crackers and also organised a free pani puri stall where the kids absolutely enjoyed their non-stop golgappas.

This one was truly special and all thanks to this Mumbai-based family, who decided to make it memorable.

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