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The Desert Dolphin Skatepark was constructed as a part of the Netflix Original Feature film ‘SKATER GIRL’ which released June 2021 in 191 countries and 31 languages. 

Situated on an one acre campus, the 14,500 sqft skatepark is one of India’s largest and Rajasthan’s first skatepark.  The skatepark was built with the team from 100 Ramps with the help of Indian and International volunteers, and skateboarding and acting workshops began in October 2018.

After filming completed in April 2019, the skatepark remains a free public use skatepark, with the aim of continuing the social impact such skateparks have on rural Indian villages. 


Hundreds children in and around Khempur village, Rajasthan have been positively impacted by the introduction of skateboarding. Many children from surrounding villages and schools attend daily free training workshops at the park. Since skateboarding is now an Olympic qualifying sport, the Desert Dolphin skatepark remains a training ground for future national and international champions.

We believe every child deserves an opportunity
to dream and shape their future.

Our Mission

Our Mission

The skatepark is like a second home for many local kids and it represents more than skateboarding for them. Skating works as an important catalyst in shaping their personality and with this in mind, we aim to create an environment where they can express freely and be empowered fiercely. The aim is not only to facilitate their raw talent and energy to enable their participation as skaters in state and national championships but also to be a positive influence in their immediate circle.


Our Vision

The founders of the skatepark are dedicated to providing a safe and inspiring environment to the local community. The collective vision is to enable growth through various activities organized at the skatepark by volunteer programs that include life lessons and overall character development.



Manjari Makijany is the visionary writer and director of the Netflix film Skater Girl, capturing the essence of empowerment, resilience, and the transformative power of skateboarding. She played a pivotal role in germinating the idea that led to the creation of the Desert Dolphin Skatepark. 

She personally gravitates towards telling compelling human stories that transcend cultures and engage audiences worldwide to not only entertain but also inspire positive social change and empowerment. 

Along with Emmanuel Pappas, she founded Skate Basti Foundation that aims to build community skateparks in unconventional spaces that create opportunity for underserved youth creating change at individual and community levels.


Manjari Makijany



Vinati Makijany

Vinati Makijany is the Founder and Managing Trustee of the Living Grace Foundation, a charitable trust in India that works towards education using arts and sports in rural India. As the writer and producer of the inspiring Netflix film Skater Girl, she built Desert Dolphin Skatepark, one of India's largest and Rajasthan’s first, which now runs as a free community skatepark in the village. 

Vinati believes in diversity and hunts for talents from unique backgrounds to be part of her projects. For India's first skateboarding film, she trained local village kids in theatre and acting. 

Her profound commitment to social change through art finds expression in her extensive work with young adults globally. She regularly conducts workshops that focus on self-expression using theatre as an active tool. Over the years, she has used the medium of performing arts to impact the lives of thousands of children and is now driven to include sports as a catalyst to change.



Emmanuel Pappas is a pioneering film producer of the “Skater Girl”. Beyond his work in the film industry, Emmanuel is a dedicated advocate for social change.

As a co-founder of the Skate-Basti Foundation, he has played a pivotal role in creating an environment where children are empowered to express their ideas and dreams freely. He is committed to supporting the vision to further develop workshops and educational activities, as well as expanding the facility to enable the kids to grow into good citizens and perhaps some stellar athletes along the way.

Through initiatives that promote creativity, education, and community engagement, Emmanuel and Skate -Basti are fostering a new generation of changemakers.  His commitment to making a positive impact in the world serves as a testament to his remarkable character and enduring legacy.

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Emmanuel Pappas

Project Manager


Palak Shah

Palak Shah has been one of the key members of the Desert Dolphin Skatepark since its inception. With a background in childrens’ newspaper editorial and film production, Palak very organically became the core member overseeing the developments at the skatepark.

As the Project Manager, she oversees and executes various initiatives, activities and on ground coordination. Her strategic planning and exceptional organizational skills have significantly contributed to the park's development. Over 5 years she has consistently worked to streamline operations, improve the skatepark's facilities, and ensure a safe and welcoming environment for all visitors.

You won’t miss her warm welcome if you happen to visit the skatepark.  the organization’s reach and its positive impact on the community.


Assistant Project Manager

A new entrée in our Desert Dolphin family Abishai Paul. With an educational background in mechanical engineering, Abishai ventured into the world of film production, combining his passion for both fields. His unique perspective and skills make him a valuable asset to our creative family. Beyond his work, Abishai has dedicated his time to serving with the Lions Club's youth wing, demonstrating his commitment to social causes. What initially started as a keen interest in cinema eventually found a harmonious connection with the foundation's core values. We are thrilled to have Abishai Paul as part of our diverse and passionate team. 



Abishai Paul

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