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The Desert Dolphin Skatepark was constructed as a part of the international feature film titled ‘SKATER GIRL’ soon available on Netflix worldwide in 2021. 


Situated on an one acre campus, the 14,500 sqft skatepark is one of India’s largest and Rajasthan’s first skatepark.  The skatepark was built with the team from 100 Ramps with the help of Indian and International volunteers, and skateboarding and acting workshops began in October 2018.

After filming completed in April 2019, the skatepark remains a free public use skatepark, with the aim of continuing the social impact such skateparks have on rural Indian villages. 


Hundreds children in and around Khempur village, Rajasthan have been positively impacted by the introduction of skateboarding. At present approximately 50 children from surrounding villages attend daily for free training workshops at the park. With skateboarding entering the Olympics in 2021, the Desert Dolphin skatepark is a training ground for future national and international champions.

We believe every child deserves an opportunity
to dream and shape their future.

Our Mission

Our Mission

The skatepark is like a second home for many local kids and it represents more than skateboarding for them. Skating works as an important catalyst in shaping their personality and with this in mind, we aim to create an environment where they can express freely and be empowered fiercely. The aim is not only to facilitate their raw talent and energy to enable their participation as skaters in state and national championships but also to be a positive influence in their immediate circle.


Our Vision

The founders of the skatepark are dedicated to providing a safe and inspiring environment to the local community. The collective vision is to enable growth through various activities organized at the skatepark by volunteer programs that include life lessons and overall character development.

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