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Volunteer Programs


Ways To Get Involved

The Volunteer Programs at the Desert Dolphin Skatepark are an exciting way to use your talents to teach and inspire children and provide them with new experiences and skill sets. 

The skatepark is not just where the children come to skate, but it is their second home.  We are seeking volunteers who can shape these impressionable minds with patience, love, and a lot of fun with a willing and cheerful spirit. 

The children are encouraged to partake in many activities other than skateboarding. Although skateboarding is at the center of all our programs we're looking to engage children with all facets of arts, crafts, media and sports.  We believe that skateboarding is the doorway to transforming their lives and we’d love for you to join hands with us on this journey. 

If you enjoy empowering lives then we'd love to hear from you. Here are some of the areas of training we're looking for Volunteers in: 


  • Skate Coach: Since the inception of the skatepark we've had the honor to host some amazingly talented skaters from around the world. Many were involved in the initial build of our park and others in the movie, SKATER GIRL. We've also had rotating resident skate coaches teaching the kids new tricks and provided some discipline and structure.

  • Arts & Crafts: Theatre, Dance, Pottery making, Painting, Drawing, Jewelry Making, Carpentry are just some of the programs we're looking to organize programs around. 

  • Media: Videographers, Photographers & Bloggers! we'd love to hear from you and hear your ideas to create a program for the kids to learn one of these skill sets.  

  • Sports & Fitness: In addition to skateboarding we're looking to enhance children's involvement in sports. Some of the activities we are looking to continue: Yoga, Slackline, Soccer, Cricket and First Aid.

  • Remote Learning: We're looking for teachers and/or tutors to provide remote learning classes/sessions to groups of children via zoom. We'd love to arrange specific programs to empower girls, so we'd like to hear from you on what specific sills you can share. 

If this interests you, please fill out the form below and send us your application and we'll contact you to discuss further. 

Volunteer Program
Volunteer Program
Location is TBD

Former Resident Volunteers


Anish Christopher (Kevin)
Skate Coach from Bangalore, India.

Kevin was part of the 100Ramps build crew and was hired as Skate Coach to teach the cast of SKATER GIRL. He was also an additional Skate Camera Operator for the movie. Kevin is dedicated to building skateparks and training children to skate. His company WeSkateCo runs workshops and skate camps. In addition to teaching over 50 kids daily at the skatepark, he also coached our four Rajasthan State champions preparing them to compete in the national championship in Chandigarh.

William Kerrigan
Skate Coach from Colorado, USA

21 year old William is a skateboarder from Colorado, USA. A minimalist in progress, a journeyman, modern nomad and a painter, William is on a journey to give back to the skateboarding community the sense of joy he was fortunate enough to receive, all on a skateboard! A Christmas gift that turned into a passion, William celebrated Christmas with our skater kids at the park and helped them learn new tricks. 


Jewel Paul
Skateboarder from Tripura, India.

Jewel is an avid traveller from a small hilly state in north-east India, Tripura. He loves to try various adventure sports while filming them and creating his own personal vlogs. Jewel was first introduced to skateboarding when his friend bought a board and he got to try it, he immediately fell in love with the sport and hasn't stopped skating ever since. He started his own channel on YouTube while still working on his brother's successful YouTube channel, which has 1.3M subscribers. Jewel aspires to grow as a content creator and be an active part of the skateboarding community.

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