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A French Connection: Hugo Pierre and the Kids of Desert Dolphin Skatepark

A passionate young traveler and finger boarding enthusiast from France, Hugo Pierre, joined the kids in Khempur at the Desert Dolphin Skatepark to share his passion for an unconventional form of skateboarding - Finger boarding. In collaboration with TechDeck, a well known fingerboard brand and a household name in Europe, Hugo donated more than 200 fingerboards along with official TechDeck merchandise.

Desert Dolphin organized a finger boarding workshop with Hugo at the skatepark that drew the participation of around 30 kids from around the area. With his generous donation of fingerboards, each child had a chance to hold one in their hands. Hugo then shared his expertise, showing the kids how to perform finger boarding tricks. It was a lively and engaging session where the kids eagerly participated, guided by Hugo's patient and friendly instructions. Sharing his experience with the kids Hugo said,

"The kids' enthusiasm for skateboarding is heartwarming; having a park in the middle of the Rajasthan desert is fantastic, and seeing them execute tricks fearlessly, soaring off ramps, all while maintaining their humility, is truly amazing."

It was a heartwarming sight to see the children's excitement as they got the hang of finger boarding and began to showcase their newly acquired skills. Hugo Pierre's visit to the Desert Dolphin Skatepark became a wonderful testament to the power of sharing, learning, and connecting across cultures.

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