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Desert Dolphin Skatepark Activity Update January - May 2024

The first half of 2024 saw much activity at the Desert Dolphin Skatepark which helped lay the foundation to usher in the proposed community center and expand on campus activities and facilities. This momentum promises to enhance the overall campus experience, providing a richer array of activities and resources for everyone involved.

Storage and Admin / Education office

In January, the foundation for future developments at Desert Dolphin Skatepark began with the fabrication and delivery of a 40-foot shipping container, intended for both storage of park equipment, administrative purposes and event facilities, addressing a critical need for an organized and secure space.

The container was thoughtfully partitioned to include an 8 x 10-foot office, fully outfitted to serve multiple functions. This office space now hosts the administration office, ensuring smooth operations and management of the park. Additionally, it serves as an interim venue for our educational workshops, providing a dedicated space for learning and community engagement while construction of the proposed community center is underway. We further plan to integrate the container into our community center plans.

Miyazaki Garden Courtyard and Fireplace

Rajasthan, known for it's extreme weather conditions moreover the winter months tend to get colder in the evenings through early mornings. A stunning stone courtyard now graces the area, offering both functionality and aesthetic appeal. At its center, a Miyazaki mango tree was planted, serving as a striking centerpiece. The Miyazaki mango, originally from Japan, is celebrated for its unique taste, medicinal value, and vibrant purple color. This exotic tree promises to enhance the courtyard's beauty, providing a visually captivating and unique setting. The combination of the stone courtyard and the majestic Miyazaki mango tree creates a warm, inviting space.

Installation of Security Cameras

To ensure the safety and security of staff and visitors at Desert Dolphin Skatepark, a comprehensive 24x7 live CCTV system was installed throughout the premises. This system covers all key vantage points, allowing for continuous monitoring and recording of footage for future reference. The setup includes remote access capabilities, enabling board members and staff to oversee campus safety and activity from any location.

The Greenhouse

We have constructed a greenhouse, creating a self-sustaining source of fresh produce. This effort also supports the well-being of our staff while promoting agricultural activities and self-sufficiency. Growing fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers and making our own compost are ways of indulging in sustainable practices while keeping in mind the essence of permaculture. As the campus continues to grow, we plan to expand the greenhouse facilities, implementing innovative agricultural practices and opening up some of the harvesting to the public who can enjoy some hands-on activities.

Farming and Gardening

In a quest to improve the greenery in the campus, we have undertaken extensive planting efforts. The variety of plants includes a diverse range of fruit-bearing trees such as mangoes, bananas, sapodillas, guavas, pomegranates, javas, lemons, date palms and sweet limes. Additionally, a selection of vibrant flowers like champa, mogra, hibiscus, roses, and bougainvilleas have been planted. To provide adequate shade and a comfortable environment for visitors, the campus is surrounded by numerous neem trees and mahoganies. These trees will not only offer respite from the sun but also contribute to the overall greenery and ecological balance of the area.

Main Gate & Boundary Walls

Securing the boundary of the campus is essential due to the frequent unexpected wildlife visitors. A perimeter fence has been erected, designed to keep out animals like the wild antelops, camels and cattle. This fencing not only protects the infrastructure but also ensures a safe environment for the children, staff and visitors. In combination with our comprehensive CCTV system, this secured boundary ensures the overall safety and security of the Desert Dolphin Skatepark campus. The main access gate to the skatepark and the residences was also recently refurbished inline with the aesthetic of the campus.

Architectural site visit

Our incredible architect, Rohan Varma, along with his team, collaborated with our founders to mark out the designated areas for the community center, administration, education, and associated facilities. This detailed review and planning session aimed to ensure that the new developments would seamlessly integrate with the existing infrastructure and meet the evolving needs of the Desert Dolphin Skatepark community. The visit included comprehensive site assessments, discussions on design and layout, and strategic planning to optimize the use of space. The proposed community center is envisioned as a hub for various activities, providing enhanced administrative capabilities, educational workshops, and recreational areas.

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