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Menstrual Hygiene Workshop by Dots & Loops

As a part of the Desert Dolphin Skatepark's Outreach Program, Italy-based NGO, Dots & Loops conducted menstrual hygiene workshops with hundreds of girls and women in schools and villages in and around the skatepark. Jillian Crocker and Mirjam Breukers from Italy and Kanchan Singh from Delhi distributed more than 200 reusable and sustainable handmade menstrual hygiene kits.

"Almost immediately we went for our first visit to the Dessert Dolphin Skatepark, which lay there in the middle of nature. It was much bigger than I imagined and it was beautifully made," says Mirjam Breukers.

A first-of-its-kind workshop was successfully conducted with the help of teachers and locals, who did their best to support the cause."It was a wonderful educational intensive two days where Dots & Loops organised workshops and distributed free hand-sewn sanitary pad kits to young girls and rural women." says Kanchan Singh.

It was heartwarming to see how these women, who were extremely shy at first, slowly open up and finally embrace the workshop. "Despite the taboo subject of the workshops, we were welcomed and trusted by everyone we met. Connecting with the girls and women and discussing such an important part of being a woman was a beautiful experience for our entire team," says Jillian Crocker.

"We gave them each a bag consisting of washable sanitary pads, 2 underpants, a bar of soap and a small towel. Everything is made of 100% cotton in lovely bright colours, so no one knows what they actually are if they are hanging somewhere to dry. They were all made by volunteers from Europe. After the workshop we sat down with the girls to explain in smaller groups the use of the pads," says Mirjam Breukers.

*Left to Right: Mirjam Breukers, Kachan Singh (in shades), Vinati Makijany and Jillian Crocker with kids.

We were overwhelmed to see their responses. We hope that this is something that stays with them forever and they actively implement it.

*They also came bearing some donations for our Desert Dolphin kids.

"At the end of our trip, we had the pleasure to spend time at the Desert Dolphin Skatepark. The feeling of trust and camaraderie amongst the kids was wonderful to witness. The older, experienced skaters made sure to help the younger ones and everyone had the utmost respect for each other. A real feeling of family was felt during our time spent there. We hope to be back soon." - Jillian Crocker

We are extremely happy and grateful for team Dots & Loops to choose these girls for their program and for their amazing contribution and willingness to empower and educate them.

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