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Girls Skate Camp with Antima Bisht

Mumbai-based skateboarder and longboarder, Antima Bisht visited the Desert Dolphin Skatepark to conduct a one-month-long girls skate workshop.

During her month-long girls workshop she interacted with over hundred of girls and conducted one-on-one interactive sessions encouraging girls to skate.

Desert Dolphin skatepark is based in a tiny village of Khempur, where gender inequality amongst many other things is still prevalent. Bringing girls to the skatepark has been a task since day one. They are often tied between household chores, working in fields and sometimes school. They have very little to no time for themselves.

As a part of the outreach program, Antima visited several schools nearby, and approached every girl individually to know her interest and the issues she is facing to come to the skatepark. After analysing the situation, she came up with a plan to bring several girls to the skatepark.

"Girls are the real change makers and i'm available to help them with the initial phase. We took the boys with us and showcased their achievement and convinced the girls they can do the same or more than that. We invited all the girls to join us at the Park after School.

With constant motivation and follow ups. several girls turned up daily and were consistent and determined to learn-an achievement that was long due!

"I was awestruck to see these many girls coming at the park after our pep talk at the schools. Girls came in pair and were very shy initially but all of us got along really well when we started skateboarding."

About Antima Bisht

Antima started skating in the year 2014 and is currently professionally working as a skateboarding leader for Decathlon Sports, Mumbai and is the brand ambassador for Oxelo since 2018.

She is a community-oriented relentless worker and has a keen interest in spreading awareness about skateboarding through workshops, coaching and other outreach programs. She has been taking multiple girl skate workshops to improve the gender ratio in skateboarding.

"My aim is to make longboarding and skateboarding accessible to all regardless of their class or gender."

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