Four Rural Skaters Represent Rajasthan at National Skate Championship

Updated: Apr 9

Skaters from the Desert Dolphin Skatepark in Khempur have qualified to represent the Rajasthan State Team at the National Skate Championship in Chandigarh.

The Roller Skating Federation of India (INDIA SKATE) which is the Governing Body for Skateboarding And Roller Skating in India has invited four skaters from Khempur and the Desert Dolphin Skatepark to Represent Rajasthan at the national championship in Chandigarh. 10yo Bhura Lal Bhil, 11yo Shaitan Banjara, 13yo Jogender Rajput and 13yo Pavan Bhil.

"We are thrilled to have four skaters represent Rajasthan and travel to Chandigarh to compete in the nationals." Vinati Makijany, Co-Founder, Desert Dolphin Skatepark.

The Four will travel from Khempur along with their coach from WeSkate.

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